Friday, October 3, 2008

Leave the REST to God!

I came to the NEWSTART Seminar with allergies (wheat, gluten, Soya, Oats) the doctors called Celiac Disease. Two years ago I was diagnosed with severe Sleep Apnea and have been using a C.P.A.P. machine prescribed by my doctor. 42 times in an hour I would stop breathing for 2 minutes at a time. High blood pressure, Migrain Headaches, Chest Pain and memory loss resulted. I still could not sleep and my nose was slowly being deformed by the nosepiece.

After listening to Dr. Sang Lee's lecture on allergies and God's promise to heal all our diseases, I decided to let God take my allergies and let Him breath for me too! I ate without fear of allergins then that night left my C.P.A.P. machine in the corner, turned off!

With the new dawn, I had slept the whole night peacefully. I thank God that now He is in charge of my health and not my medical doctor. God is my physician! I will continue with NEWSTART. What's next? God will surely cure my arthritis. I already feel less pain in my feet, knees and hips! Thank God and Dr. Sang Lee who introduced me to NEWSTART (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, fresh Air, Rest, Trust in God).

MY MEMORIES OF Dr. Sang Lee’s Seminar Week at Camp Frenda

I cannot imagine how the week could have been any more perfect! It was like God was saying to us: "my children, you have come here to honor & glorify Me with your mind, body and spirit and receive all these blessings from Me. I will give you the best of these things you seek, just to let you know you are on the right path"!

All of our senses – the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch He activated to the fullest!! We felt the healing warmth of the sun - just the perfect temperature to warm us in body and spirit. I loved the smell of the invigorating and healing pine and cedar in the air. We experienced the calming sights and sounds of rippling waters and the birds singing out and what a treat to hear (Dr. Lees’ wife) Ester’s beautiful clear voice ringing out across the bay early one morning coming from somewhere in the forest.

We had the enjoyment of swimming, sauna and gliding across the water in canoes. We were reminded to drink water often and felt the refreshing effects in our body and spirit. We took invigorating walks in the beauty of nature keeping our precious little blood capillaries alive and well through exercise. We learned how to do stretching and how important it is for us.

Each day we looked forward to our meals, with mouth watering tastes and smells of delicious hot meals as well as fresh foods spread out before us -welcoming us to every meal. Then there was the happy fellowship as we talked together like one big harmonious family. The restful nights in this wonderful and peaceful place also gave us much needed time away from the hustle and bustle of a world going crazy.

The brilliant fall colours of a ‘peak’ season seemed to be exploding everywhere we looked. I do not ever remember seeing the colours of the trees more vivid and beautiful. Dr. Lee made it his first priority to help us appreciate all this as he glorified God in every part of his amazing scientific presentations he taught us.

What a marvelous time it was each morning to witness an amazing sunrise greeting each day with the splendor of God’s marvelous creative power awakening us to His new day. Not until I arrived home did I realize, and miss, what an awesome view Camp Frenda has of a most breathtaking sunrise as it beams its’ dazzling path across the lake right to us.

I looked forward to going to this seminar for the pure 'JOY' that I knew I would find there and I was not disappointed! The Joyfulness was contagious, in the songs, and laughter and the love among all those who were there. The best part of it was that we were giving the Glory to God for the wonderful work he does in us and for us. It renewed my spirit and made me realize that we are not alone -Gods wonderful Love shown to us in His power and presence is always with us. His life giving Love-power (“spark”) is working in us and for us every micro second of every day.
A very grateful, Diane Perkins, Bracebridge, ON

A Rare Privilege

“It is a rare privilege to be able to listen to such profound and spiritual wisdom.”
Marjatta Aakko, a dear lady from Oshawa, ON

The Dawn of a New Life - a NEWSTART!

This morning as I stepped out into a brisk new day, the stars were already yielding to a hint of rose that advances before the sun. Lake Rosseau is still as if it too is awaiting the dawn.
Why did we come to this Canadian place? For some of us it was to find healing for broken spirits. For others it was to discover a healing for broken bodies. Nancy, my sweet smiling Nancy, and I came for both.
Did we know what to expect? No! Only that my dear friend, Marta, insisted that we "must come." At first I said, "We simply cannot afford the trip, and after all, if we came to Camp Frenda, who is going to care for our precious cats?"
Marta responded in her usual meek and mild manner, "Pray, Charles, pray and God will provide a way!" Well, I prayed, not; I must admit with much enthusiasm and God heard even that perfunctory, half hearted prayer. A friend came forward and paid for the seminar. Then our airfare was paid. Another friend volunteered to look after the cats. So, now what could I do? If there is anything I hate to do it is to admit that she was right. Because in her quiet, unassuming manner she would never allow me to forget it, but, suck it up chuck. Marta was right! (thanks, Marta)
When we arrived, Nancy was totally dependent upon her walker. There were times that she needed a wheelchair. Praise be to our wonderful, loving, miracle working, gracious, powerful God, Sunday morning she walked unaided with uplifted hands, into the dining room and as she did so she exclaimed, "Praise God, I'm healed!" Then Joseph, (oh how we need more Josephs in the world) walked up to Nancy, bowed elequently, and said, "May I have this dance?" They danced to the tune of the diners cheering and laughing, with a few tears of joy thrown in as spice.
Yes, oh God, my cup runneth over!! Thank you, Papa God for bringing us to Camp Frenda to hear Dr. Sang Lee speak about our amazing Father who brings deliverance from illness, when the doctors had given up on us. Thank you, oh Merciful Friend for bringing us to Dr. Sang Lee and his NEWSTART Seminar. Thank you, Oh God! And they all said, "Amen!"
written by Charles Towne, Apopka, Florida

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dr. Sang Lee.MD arrived from Korea September 21, 2008! Do not despair...Do NEWSTART to reclaim your Good Health!

Testimonies from Dr. Sang Lee's 2006 NEWSTART at Camp Frenda

“I came for Dr. Lee’s lecture with my wife and 2 children,” said Joel Tremblay, St. Samuel, Quebec. “We believe, we live, we teach NEWSTART, and we are happy that more people are learning about and experiencing God’s healing ways. We enjoyed the scientific, simple truth shared by Dr. Lee to show us God’s true loving character.”

“There are some things in life that have true value!” noted Joseph St. George of Hamilton, Ontario. “ The NEWSTART Seminar at Camp Frenda with Dr. Sang Lee, MD is definitely one of them. I appreciated the natural setting of God’s glowing nature, the ambience, the fellowship, the stupendous food, first-rate accommodations with the dedication of volunteer and permanent staff. Dr. Sang Lee’s simple, sensible guide to how we can be healed mentally, physically and spiritually by God is one of the most stimulating, life-changing events I have ever attended.”

“I have been blessed by God’s abundant love here at Camp Frenda. As a volunteer, it was a blessing for me to serve participants as well as enjoy Dr. Lee’s lectures. His messages were so awesome!” James Jo from Riverside, California, USA.

“This was a Divine appointment for us! The fellowship, the information, the great food! Thank you all so much.” Phil, Lisa, Noah, Eden and Joshua Potter of Gravenhurst, Ontario.

“Dr. Lee presented the Love of God in such a way that I have never heard before! He opened my eyes to the study of the Bible in a very unique and life-changing way. I feel that he touched and charged the lives of everyone who was present. The testimonies were some of the most moving I have every heard. Praise the Lord!” Bev Gascoyne of Mt. Hope, Ontario

“I saw the ad in the Messenger and felt impressed to come,” said Rick and Laverne Settle of Enderby, BC. “I (Rick) had severe health problems. After attending NEWSTART with Dr. Sang Lee, I found a great improvement. I hope they continue these programs as they are a real blessing.”

“I would like to thank the Ontario Conference for providing the facilities for this experience. Thanks to God and Dr. Sang Lee all I learned about God’s love. We were treated like royalty, the food was excellent, and the staff first class professionals.” Margatta Aakko of Oshawa, Ontario.

“When I heard Dr. Sang Lee’s lecture for the first time I was convinced that he was teaching Adventist Christianity in practicality, just as we need it for this time. As Adventists we know where Jesus is, in the sanctuary, but how to find Him on a personally encounter, very few tell us,” wrote Ruth Terriminy from Toronto, Ontario. “Theories and knowledge is everywhere but a simple practical faith is hard to find. Dr. Sang Lee’s scientific proof makes faith authentic, practical and simple. One cannot miss to see Jesus love. Thank you Dr. Sang Lee. Thank you for the excellent service, facilities, food and dedication of all the volunteers who work so hard and show so much love. For me it was an answer to prayer, a one time experience.”

“I am sixty-one years old suffering from multiple health problems since birth, some sever enough to prevent completing my education. I have prayed for healing since youth and was anointed, to no avail,” reported Betty Koopmans of Penticton, BC “The way opened for me to attend Dr. Lee’s NEWSTART program at Camp Frenda. My entire trip was paid by God’s providence. Listening to the lectures, the latest scientific proof supporting the Ministry of Healing, has given me hope for the first time that I can be healed, Praise the Lord. The healing has already begun, during the last few days of the sessions so I could participate in the music even playing piano.”

“Dr. Lee is a unique and brilliant man. His love for God and his patients becomes very evident as the sessions progress. His joy and zest for life is contagious. His focus on presenting Jesus as the only one who can truly heal any and all diseases, by implanting the spark of life at the cellular level, was the part that was missing in my experience. I’m so thankful to God for this opportunity, and I hope that others who desperately need healing will be given this same gift.”

“Camp Frenda is an ideal place for a healing session like this. The stunning beauty of the surroundings, the walking trails, the lake activities, the quietness and peace and absence of distractions all contribute to healing of the body and mind. What a jewel of a facility!” remarked Harold de C. Clarke, PhD. MPH of Calgary, Alberta. “This fall (October 2006) I attended Dr. Sang Lee’s NEWSTART health program at Camp Frenda. As a professional working in the area of Community Health I am convinced that this program should become a permanent annual feature at this camp. The results witnessed were nothing short of miraculous. The health message presented was in the format that was originally intended by Ellen G. White.”

“I want to thank the Ontario Conference, for providing Camp Frenda, and the Bracebridge and Parry Sound churches for sponsoring it,” said Lena Kitzmann of Cawston, BC. “God’s nature revealed in the beautiful surroundings, the caring and hard working volunteers and God’s healing word have changed my life. It is my desire that we would have a permanent Canadian venue to accommodate Dr. Lee’s life-giving message from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. These messages will light the earth with God’s Glory. God bless you all!”

“My mind is reeling! It is unbelievable all that I have learned from Dr. Lee. It is absolutely amazing meeting all the people that were here. I am fifty-four years old and I went canoeing for the first time, in the moonlight. It is so beautiful at Camp Frenda and the nature filled with God’s love and His “Spark.” Monika Noseworthy of Ontario

Write your own testimony! Dr. Sang Lee, MD is coming again! His NEWSTART seminar will be held September 21-28, 2008 at Camp Frenda, in the heart of the Muskokas. For more information about how you, your family and friends may attend, email DO NOT DISPARE…DO NEWSTART!